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3% off all the sales, will go to charity, help feed the poor and beggars on the streets, all donations to them will be in cash or if a serious charity appears.

ethereum address:  0x05e9313792A2d6f87B1f13e3388B42e441d8cF47
ethereum address: 0x05e9313792A2d6f87B1f13e3388B42e441d8cF47

About Us: Botafogocoin is a deflationary token that aims to make a profit for its investors and charity to beggars. Join our Telegram.


botafogocoin reaches a capitalization of 100 million, we will elect our ambassador, who will represent us around the world and feed the poor, 3% of the value goes to charity. 

O Botafogocoin é um token deflacionário que visa dar lucro aos seus investidores e à caridade para os mendigos. Junte-se ao Telegram. 

Quando a botafogocoin atingir a capitalização de 100 milhões, elegeremos nosso embaixador, que nos representará mundo afora e alimentar os pobres e mendigos de rua, 3% do valor irá para caridade.

 Sobre nosotros: Botafogocoin es un token deflacionario que tiene como objetivo dar ganancias a sus inversores y caridad a los mendigos. Únete al Telegram.

Cuando botafogocoin alcance una capitalización de 100 millones, elegiremos a nuestro embajador, quien nos representará en todo el mundo y alimentar a los pobres, el 3% del valor se destinará a la caridad.

Über uns: Botafogocoin ist ein deflationäres Token, das darauf abzielt, seinen Investoren Gewinne und Bettlern Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen zu geben. Treten Sie dem Telegramm bei.

Wenn Botafogocoin eine Kapitalisierung von 100 Millionen erreicht, werden wir unseren Botschafter wählen, der uns weltweit vertritt und die Armen ernähren, 3% des Wertes gehen an wohltätige Zwecke.

Dates/Battle Plan 

2023- Reach 1000 Holders
2024-Reach 10,000 Holders , cut 2  zeros of Botafogocoin. 

How to buy Botafogocoin?

Step 1:

Create a Wallet

Download Trust Wallet and create a wallet. You will need to remember your 12 word phrase and keep it a secret. Add Botafogocoin to your wallet by copying our contract address and pasting it to the "Add Custom Token" search bar or look it up on the Trust Wallet search, which you can find by tapping on the top-right icon.

Step 2: Contract Address



Buy Binance Smart Chain (BNB)

You can either buy Regular BNB and then swap for Smart Chain BNB (if Moonpay is the provider this option may take less time) or buy Binance Smart Chain (BNB) directly (may involve proof of identity). After purchasing, there may be a delay while your transaction is processed.

Step 4:

Connect the Wallet to PancakeSwap

Either through their website, or if you have Trustwallet, you can find PancakeSwap on your DApps or Browser section once trust://browser_enable is typed in Safari (Not Supported on iPhone any longer).

Step 5: 

 Swap BNB for Botafogocoin (bfrcoin) symbol

Perform the swap on PancakeSwap, setting the slippage anywhere from 5% to 12%, and inputting the contract address in the bottom token field. Finally, go back to your wallet and add Botafogocoin to your portfolio and you are all set!